Indian Raita Recipe


How can I forget to post what accompanies most of our Indian dishes! RAITA! =) Raita is a yogurt condiment that is used with many dishes of India. Charlie on the other hand, uses it


Lentil Daal


Our second Indian dish was something Charlie has been asking for quite some time now. After many trial and errors, I finally made a recipe that hit the spot…. Things I’ve learned were: If you want


Tuna Sandwich


We usually have sandwiches for lunch, they are quick, easy and filling. You can easily make a comforting unhealthy sandwich into a great healthy one in a snap as well. So, here’s my Tuna


Casa Canut


In search for good restaurants, Charlie found Casa Canut. This place has a rustic style, and has presented a whole new standard to simple, yet delicious food. They served canopes, which consisted of wonton wrappers


Fajita Seasoning blend


I started looking for the perfect fajita seasoning blend and ended up mixing and matching so many herbs and spices, which was very worth the experimentation. Here’s what you need: 1/2 teaspoon cumin 1/4 teaspoon onion powder 1/2

King Roll:
shrimp tempura, crab, avocado, flying fish roe and chili cream sauce



Visiting Vancouver, Canada was like visiting Disney World for me, but the fun never ends! It is a HAVEN for foodies like me who are passionate about great food. We found SO many restaurants in


Mexican Lasagna


I was looking through one of my favorite food blogs called Annie’s Eats, and found a recipe for mexican lasagna! Being so excited to try it, I put it on my dinner list for

Fresh Spring rolls

Fresh Spring rolls


Fresh spring rolls are usually made of shrimp, pork and heart of palm.. But since I’m allergic to seafood and we don’t eat pork, I have altered it into something slightly different, but tastes


Best Indian curry ever!


I have made numerous curry dishes, and none of them really hit the spot. I would always use pre-made garam masala (how could you go wrong with pre-made garam masala?!), and still, there was


No Meat Tacos


We love love love Mexican food!! ..but since Charlie doesn’t eat meat, and I love to cook, I decided to experiment and made a great veggie