The Happy Stomach is a place that I can show all the sides of me… It being the food enthusiast, the novice photographer, the traveller or the stay-at-home mom.

Food. I do what I call, “real cooking“. It’s when I use what I have at home, what I buy at the grocery store, and make it into meals that my family and I, actually eat. No ginormous smoothie bowls (I can barely scarf one glass down!), no over-stuffed mason jars (duh, who has time for clean up?!), and no deliberate attempt to make a mess so I can take a “rustic” picture. I just like to cook and take photo’s of what I make… oh, and eat it, too!

In this blog you’ll find quick “small talk”, then a recipe and photo/s. =)

I love photography.

I love taking photos of anything that inhales air, or can exhale history…  Triumphantly capturing raw happiness, candid emotions, awkward love and whatever else that deems… unique, keeps all the butterflies in my stomach. Here, I’ll showcase (my) inspiration, things that go… and of course, you’ll be a witness to my growth as a photographer.

Traveling. New places, to me, are always a breathe of fresh air. The culture, the people, the way a community lived, and IS living, is always riveting.

Being a housewife. I will never say, “I’m just a stay-at-home mom” – being anything 24/7 is an endeavor. My camera, my kitchen, my keyboard and having a loving and supportive family, is what makes me, well…. me, which translates to: I am a house wife. Me, an individual who loves the many things I CAN do,and does the things I have AGREED to do, am a wife at home (or out running errands).